Queens Night Market '23 - Sneak Previews

By Queens Night Market (other events)

4 Dates Through May 06, 2023

** $5 advance ticket sales have ended. We have approximately 1,000 at-the-door tickets available for $8 remaining **

TICKETS: Because of the unexpectedly large turnout on opening night our first few years, we are selling limited $5 tickets to sneak preview nights on April 15th and May 6th in order to minimize traffic, congestion, and the impact on the surrounding community. As usual, we are pledging at least 20% of net ticket proceeds to charity!

If any tickets remain unsold, they will be $8 at the door.

~ We'll be free to attend and open to all starting May 13th ~


This season will include Afghan mantu and chapli kababs, Indonesian kue pancong and ote ote, Portuguese pastéis de nata, Filipino kwek-kwek and lugaw, Romanian kürtőskalács, Egyptian firakh panne, Mexican mole poblano and tacos, Indian tandoori BBQ, Ethiopian sega wat and chechebsa, Haitian diri ak djon djon, Sudanese sambuxa and salata aswad, Turkish gözleme, Burmese palatas and tea leaf salad, Cambodian fish amok, Colombian arepas, Tibetan momos and tsel bhakleb, Korean doenjang-jjigae and jjajangmyeon, Taiwanese popcorn chicken, Singaporean chai tow kueh and mee pok, Persian crispy rice and dizi, Peruvian ceviche, Sichuan ice jelly, Hong Kongese soy sauce noodles and rice noodle rolls, Venezuelan cachapas, Salvadoran pupusas, Puerto Rican pastelles and papas rellenos, Antiguan black pudding and ducana, Venezuelan cachapas, Brazilian esfihas and churrasco, Belizean panades and garnaches, Cypriot souvla, Japanese ramen and gyoza, Silicia arancini, Pakistani BBQ rolls, Trinidadian curry crab and dumplings, souse, and shark sandwiches, Ukrainian borscht and pirozhki, Polish pierogies, Fujianese lychee pork, Malaysian roti jala and roti john, Ecuadorian sanduches de pernil, and more to come

We still have a general $5 price cap on food, although some vendors will be selling at $6.

Art/merchandise offerings include vintage apparel, hand-poured candles, skateboards, travel photography, crochet toys, stationery, small batch soap, henna, vintage brooches and ads, custom woodworks, NYC-themed apparel, gourmet dog treats, superhero art, calligraphy, and handmade jewelry.

Stay tuned for updates on the live performances.

Beer & Wine is available for purchase, so bring your IDs if you're interested in adult beverages! 

GETTING THERE: Due to extremely limited available parking in the area, we encourage all visitors to leave their cars at home and commute, bike, or walk to the Queens Night Market. We are located only four blocks from the 111th Street station on the 7-train. We do not control any parking lots nor any parking fees that might be charged. Sorry, completely out of our control... but all the more reason to walk, bike, or take public transit to see us!

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Children under 12 are free

If you wish to drink Beer or Wine, you will need to bring ID

Please note: ALL SALES ARE FINAL. The system does not allow us to refund or reschedule individual ticket transactions.